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ألــعاب عطـر للروح راحة .. وللعقل استراحه .. وللمرح والتسلية وقت .. مسابقاتٌ وألعاب ..

أحدث ألعاب السباقات 2016 Redout نسخة ريباك بحجم 3.05 GB + التورنت

أحدث ألعاب السباقات 2016 Redout نسخة ريباك بحجم 3.05 GB + التورنت Redout (MULTI7) torrent Redout (MULTI7) torrent أحدث ألعاب السباقات 2016 Redout نسخة ريباك بحجم 3.05

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progs prof
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افتراضي أحدث ألعاب السباقات 2016 Redout نسخة ريباك بحجم 3.05 GB + التورنت

أحدث ألعاب السباقات 2016 Redout نسخة ريباك بحجم 3.05 GB + التورنت

Redout (MULTI7) [FitGirl Repack] torrent

Download Torrent

السباقات 2016 Redout 3.05 التورنت c7bca10ea09733db3fe6

Redout (MULTI7) [FitGirl Repack] torrent

أحدث ألعاب السباقات 2016 Redout نسخة ريباك بحجم 3.05 GB + التورنت

ريدوت إشادة بوحوش السباقات القديمة مثل إف صفر، تلته، Rollcage، وجراب. أنه صمم ليكون تجربة قيادة لا هوادة فيها وسريعة وصعبة هذا النوع سباق الممرات

معلومات عن اللعبة

Release Date: September 2, 2016
Genres/Tags: Arcade, Racing, Vehicular combat, 3D
Developer: 34BigThings
Publisher: 34BigThings
Platform: PC [Repack]
Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Steam User Rating: 91% of user reviews are positive (based on 217 reviews)

Interface Language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese-Brazil
Audio Language: English
Crack: built-in (CODEX)


السباقات 2016 Redout 3.05 التورنت 30bf0e7a-6e60-416d-aالسباقات 2016 Redout 3.05 التورنت ec981d2d-9f9e-4bf7-bالسباقات 2016 Redout 3.05 التورنت 89bc86e9-2a1c-4e70-8السباقات 2016 Redout 3.05 التورنت 830224fd-adf3-4a49-bالسباقات 2016 Redout 3.05 التورنت 371f2615-c362-405c-9السباقات 2016 Redout 3.05 التورنت 284cddea-2851-4da0-a


Redout is a tribute to the old racing monsters such as F-Zero, WipeOut, Rollcage, and POD. It is designed to be an uncompromising, fast, tough and satisfying driving experience, soaked in that vertigo that stands at the core of the arcade racing genre. The floating system and driving models are based on physics: each turn, slope, hard braking, acceleration, each turn and twist of the track will apply a unique force to the ship. A sharp low-polygon style blends meshes and terrains with the latest state-of-the-art shading and lighting effects provided by the Unreal Engine 4, creating beautiful and instantly recognisable aesthetics. Breezy coastlines, eerie frozen landscapes, vast desert plains: the melancholic, dystopian atmosphere of a semi abandoned Earth is the background for the most high-speed, tense and beautiful futuristic racing clashes.

Game Features

Online multiplayer - match against 12 players around the world for a real challenge
Optional VR Support - Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Razer OSVR.
Career mode - 75+ events to race, experience, level up and upgrade your ship
A Diverse World - 20 tracks scattered around 4 locations on a post-apocalyptic Earth, plus boss circuits
Never bored - 7 event types, from classic Race to innovative Arena Race and Score-Based Endurance
Create your story - 6 racing teams, each requiring a different driving approach, and 4 increasingly fast racing classes
Powerup - 10+ racing-focused, upgradable powerups: additional turbo, shields, self-repair drone, advanced grip system, slipstream enhancers, and more
Music for your ears - full 5.1 support and a dynamic soundtrack that will drop sicker and sicker beats the faster you go!

Repack Features

Based on Redout-CODEX ISO release: codex-redout.iso (5,931,565,056 bytes)
100% Lossless & MD5 Perfect: all files are identical to originals after installation
NOTHING ripped, NOTHING re-encoded
Significantly smaller archive size (compressed from 5.5 to 3.05 GB)
Installation takes 15-30 minutes (depending on your system)
After-install integrity check so you could make sure that everything installed properly
HDD space after installation: 6 GB (~24 GB during installation)
Repack by FitGirl

Problems during installation?

If you experience errors (Xdelta or Unarc ones) during installation, try the following things:

Make sure your Windows username doesn't contain non-latin symbols. Use only latin characters & numbers
Re-hash torrent (in Utorrent point to the game entry, stop download/upload, then click right mouse button, then click "Force Re-check")
Disable antivirus (INCLUDING Windows Defender), it can delete installation files or cracks on-the-fly
Set UAC to a minimum level, otherwise some parts of the installer won't run due to restricted rights
Make sure you have at least as two times more virtual memory, than actual, physical RAMMake sure you have enough space on target drive & on C: drive (or whatever system drive you have)
Try install the game NOT to C: (system) drive OR specifically to C: drive (Windows rights system is a tricky thing)
Check your Windows folder (and below) for unarc.dll - if this file exists, delete it
Reboot in Safe Mode and install the game
Run setup with proper rights, as shown on this image

السباقات 2016 Redout 3.05 التورنت 86e1d08a764c3fece523

متطلبات تشغيل اللعبة

Minimum requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bits only!)
Processor: i3 2.6Ghz
Video Card: GTX 560 or equivalent
DirectX: 11
HDD Space: 6 GB (~24 GB during installation)

لتحميل اللعبة برابط تورنت صاروخى

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